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Learn More About Japnese Soy Sauces

Perhaps you've seen a recipe that calls for shoyu and wondered what it was. This is our list of the most popular types of soy sauce available on the market, and what makes them different.

Japanese Soy Sauce/shoyu

Shoyu refers to Japanese-style soy sauces made from fermented soybeans and wheat. They are good for all types of cooking and can be used as a table or side dish.

Light and dark soy sauce have been the most popular shoyu worldwide. It is made by a complex natural fermentation process. You can also buy light and dark soy sauce 3 from online.

The "moromi", or mixture, is left to develop its flavor and aroma over several weeks. The moromi is then slowly pressed to extract the raw soy sauce. It is then pasteurized to retain the rich flavor and quality. Although this is a simplified description, the entire process is crucial for creating Kikkoman's umami-rich taste. There are over 300 flavor profiles that can be detected, including vanilla, coffee, and whisky.

Japanese Tamari

Tamari is a byproduct of miso. It's thicker than any other Japanese soy sauce. It is rich in flavor and color. Original tamari is gluten-free because it contains little to no wheat. George Oshawa, a pioneer of the macrobiotic lifestyle, popularized it in the 1960s. 

He also introduced to the U.S. a Japanese soy sauce that contained wheat, and it was called tamari. Both wheat-containing and non-wheat varieties of tamari can be found today. Gluten intolerance sufferers should carefully read the labels.