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Lotion For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs special care and attention because it could easily have a bad reaction to harsh skin products. It also reacts adversely with certain skin procedures and exposure to harsh weather conditions such as extreme wind and cold as well as exposure to strong sunlight.

Each lotion should be tested first on a small piece of skin before use on the entire body. This is to make the first ensure that the skin will not react negatively before using it on the entire body.You can get to know about best moisturiser for dry sensitive skin through online search.

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Lotion should ideally be light and non-greasy and hypoallergenic and are made using the best ingredients preferably natural soft. When it comes to cleaning some harmful ingredients to look out for in a cleansing lotion that is capable of skin irritation include, ammonium lauryl sulfate is a harsh cleaning agents that can be very drying and irritating.

When it comes to coloring and artificial coloring to avoid, look out for each of the ingredients listed on the packaging that has the words FD & C. As sensitive skin will be easily irritated by harsh skin care regimen to avoid using abrasive exfoliating skin lotion facial skin sensitive. Also avoid rough peeling as with harsh ingredients such as apricot seeds.

Alpha lipoic acid can be considered great additions in certain products, especially in anti-aging skin care products but should be avoided because it can easily burn and sensitive skin irritation.

It is also recommended that the lotion on the face soft and moisturizing.

When choosing sun protection lotion for sensitive skin, it is best to go for one with SPF 15 and above. Choose one of the gel-based because it is absorbed more quickly by the skin. 

Make sure that you keep the number of products you use on sensitive skin to a minimum. This means investing in products that can serve more than one purpose.