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Macular Degeneration – Your Gift of Success After Vision Loss

A Chinese proverb says: "To know the way ahead, ask those who return."

Friends, I'll be back. I have walked that path that many of you with vision loss is just beginning to walk. I'm here to tell you that that path is exciting. It's packed with more opportunities and more tech aids than ever. Macular degeneration, or any other eye condition, doesn't have to slow you down.

Along that path, I met many people who showed me what is possible with vision loss. I met public school teachers, business owners, computer programmers, website designers, engineers, financial analysts, and yes, even a New York Governor, all with vision loss, and yet they were incredibly successful!

These people showed me that it would be possible for me to live my dream as a public school teacher, although many told me it was not possible due to my vision loss. If you are looking for a Austin Elmiron Eye Lawyer then you can search over the internet.

Each successful person with vision loss has given a tremendous gift to this nation and this world, as they have not only shown what is possible but have blazed a trail that the rest of us can walk.

The success you achieve after vision loss doesn't belong to you alone. It belongs to all of us. We all benefit from your success.

Every success you achieve helps put cracks in that glass ceiling!

Therefore, your success is a gift to your family, your community, your country, and yes, even to the world.

"To know the way ahead, ask those who return."

As you return to this path, what will you have to say to those just beginning your journey?

Will your words and actions inspire, encourage, and foster hope? Will other people with vision loss be empowered to keep moving forward and achieve more than most belief is possible for their lives?