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Mini Coopers – Features That Make Them Popular

Mini Coopers are cars that have been seen on the market since from the time when they were introduced. It was a popular alternative due to the reason of its small size that has helped in keeping the fuel economy. 

Mini Coopers were first manufactured by the British Motor Corporation, but since 1994 when BMW bought the Rover Group, Mini has become a popular brand in the stable BMW. The cars are not only known for the design and style but now they come with the best traits and accuracy. You can also get Mini Cooper cars for sale near cooper TX via Carsoup for a satisfying amount.

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There are several features that make Mini Coopers a popular choice for those people who are looking for a small car that offers speed and performance. The original Mini comes with only two doors, but now they have been modified to offer an option of four doors. The car comes with a hardtop and as well as a convertible option. 

There are several changes that have been made in relation to the design and the Mini Coopers specifications. In addition to being made a little bigger, there are several new security features that were introduced as airbags for driver and passenger, antilock brakes for four wheels, and an engine immobilizer to prevent serious damage in case of impact.

Mini Coopers are extremely fuel-efficient cars, but that does not mean they take driving pleasure. There is a special sport button that can be used to strengthen the movement direction and also a better response acceleration.