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Must-Have Features in Inventory Management Software

If you own an e-store, managing your inventory on the go is crucial. And an efficient inventory management app for mobile or tablet can help you manage your inventory from anywhere. However, effective inventory management software is hard to choose due to a plethora of options available.

Whenever you decide to invest in an inventory manager for your e-store, ensure that it has the following effective functionalities.

1) Product Management

As your business grows, the count of products also increases. So, effective product management becomes inevitable. So, it is better to pick an inventory manager that lets you add, remove or edit products' details and their sources. You can also check more inventory management system software features at

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2) Stock Management

Stock management is an important aspect of inventory management. Your inventory management software or app should let you manage stock for every e-store in case you have multiple stores. 

It should also let you update the quantity of stock in real-time. Besides, it should also give you the freedom to assign and change sources (warehouses) for a particular stock.

3) Multi-Store Support

It is possible for your business to expand to more than one country. In that case, you may have to manage multiple stores. The multi-store support feature in your inventory app makes it possible to view sales orders, customers, stocks, etc. separately for each store view.

It should help you keep an eye on your business no matter where you are.