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Online Counseling – Mindfulness Therapy For Anxiety & Depression

We all know how reactivity only makes things worse and only adds to our suffering along with those around us. Well, mindfulness is the antidote: it stops the spread of reactivity and then creates an inner healing space where pent-up emotional energy can be turned back into liquid, resulting in beneficial change and healing.

Some clients describe this healing process as shining like sunlight on a block of ice. The ice (frozen emotional energy) simply melts and the water becomes liquid again and is available to feed the earth (your soul).

To come out of depression parents can arrange anxiety depression counseling for their children with experts.

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This is a beautiful image and illustrates the healing effect of creating inner freedom through treatment.

The ability to learn to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and difficult emotions requires learning to develop an attention-based relationship with your inner emotions.

Avoidance and rejection only make things worse. To heal painful emotions like fear and trauma, we need to bring them into careful awareness.

When we do this skillfully, with an open mind and heart, emotions become vulnerable again and can change, often on their own. The immediate therapeutic effects of attention are known and used to great effect in attention therapy.