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Planning a Vineyard Wedding

Not surprisingly, many couples choose a winery for their wedding. The view is beautiful and the winery is pristine. Every girl has thought about her wedding since she was a child and the elegance and fairytale atmosphere that most brides desire is easily achieved with a winery wedding. 

This type of wedding is so popular that many wineries have a variety of package offerings that can accommodate anything from intimate weddings with less than 50 people to larger parties with 150 people or more. For your wedding day, you can also hire services of Brisbane winery, restaurant, and vineyard via Ocean View Estates.

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The first step in planning a wedding is to visit the places you are interested in and find out the costs associated with each location. While most wedding packages remain competitively priced, some offer certain services at a higher cost than other venues. 

Oceanview estates winery offers a complete package that includes a ceremony and reception, use of the winery's on-site restaurant, five-star chef, and waiter.

Once you have added the cost of hosting your on-site wedding, you will need to add additional costs for wedding services such as wedding photography, wedding dresses, flowers, services, and additional decorations.

Once the location for your ceremony and reception is set, the next step is to choose your wedding photographer. After all the excitement of being a groom is over, your wedding photos will help you relive that special day. 

That's why it's important to choose a dedicated wedding photographer who is experienced in making the most of magical venues and who provides you with exclusive wedding photos.