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Setting Up A School SMS System

Text is a great way for schools to send quick mass updates or even a special, personalized message to parents. There are many useful ways in which teachers communicate with parents and keep them updated. Here are some examples or samples of SMS to parents:

1. SMS for absent children: Teachers can notify parents via SMS if their child is not attending class.

2. Class cancellation notice: Teachers can send a text message to parents about sudden class cancellation due to an emergency. You can explore more features of school communication software via

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3. Text for school events: They can notify parents about events your school is holding.

4. School reopened message for Parents: Texting is a great way to remind parents of important dates such as the resumption of school.

5. SMS school fee reminder: Schedule text reminders for notifications such as lessons or deadlines.

6. Performance update SMS: Send parents a quick SMS update if their child's performance starts to change in class.

Message parents about the alert system and advertise wherever you can:

Ask parents to register or provide their phone number as soon as they fill out an acceptance form in the school during the admission. Promote your code on your school's website and all your social media channels. Talk to parents about subscribing to PTA meetings.