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Shirts for all Occasions

Men love shirts! Just click on this universal stapler and combine it with nice trousers to attract the attention of people.

There are many shirts like designer button up shirts to celebrate every occasion, such as graduation ceremonies and funeral weddings.

Formal Shirts – Formal shirts are usually white and have thicker collars with buttons. This shirt matches black or white straps or shoes.

Gown dress is a semi-formal shirt. Such a shirt can be pleated or with button pants and wing collars and French cuffs.

Casual Shirts – Casual shirts come in a variety of designs, styles and patterns, and are available in a variety of colors. Plaid shirt, striped, printed and thick, available in different cuff styles, popular all over the world.

Collar type:

Spread collar – This is a collar with a pointed end. Generally seen in normal casual shirts, it is ideal for formal shirts.

Buttoned down collar – gives the shirt a formal, lightweight look. There are also buttons on the collar, which keep the collar in place.

Club Collars – This collar has a rounded, pointed end and initially started with a British pension. If you are a person who likes to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely for you.

Cut collar – Width and sharp point to the tip, gives a bold and stylish look. If you want the right look, mix it with a tie.