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Small Credit Business Loan

This type of business loan service is most suited for people with negative credit ratings or those who have a credit score of below 650. Although it can offer you financial assistance to aid you in your business endeavors, understand that you are considered a risk by lenders because of your credit rating.

Most often, this type of loan service is given with much higher interest rates. You can also look for small credit without schufa via (also known as

kleinkredit ohne schufa in German language)

Fast Loans – there are also other lenders that offer to provide you with fast loans to finance your business needs. You can easily get an approval in a shorter span of time. The amount that you can get from a fast loan will depend on your credit score.

However, before you consider getting a fast loan, make sure that you read the fine print. Some fast loan services are just like your typical payday loan, which has high interest rates and only allows you a small amount of cash. So you should be wary when looking to get into one.

There are other loans and government projects that are available and are suited to tailor the need of starting a new business. So make sure that you also do your research and find one that is most suited for your needs.