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Sock Types & Lengths

While we all wear socks, not everyone does so for the same reasons. There are many reasons socks exist. Because of our diverse lifestyles, socks come in many forms.

There are many styles, lengths, and materials available in socks. You'll be able to pick the right pair of socks once you have mastered all the types. You can purchase the Best Quarter Socks for more comfort and convenience.

No-show socks are a great example of meaning in a name. They're made to be invisible. You can't see any show when worn with most shoes. This makes your footwear and the rest of your outfit the focus. Low-top shoes such as sneakers, slip-ons, and flats are not a good match for shows. These socks can be worn all year round, even in summer.

For the same benefits of cooling, no-show socks can be worn to the gym. These socks can be worn with casual clothes and are particularly popular for women who wear flats to work. Pairing them with loafers and boat shoes is a smart idea, as sweat can cause damage to the shoes.

Show socks can sometimes be confused with ankle socks, as both are shorter in length. Ankle socks are a few inches higher than your ankle. This makes them easily visible over most shoes. Because it allows for breathability, this style is popular among athletic socks. These socks can be worn casually with shoes, boots, or high heels.