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Space Heaters Can Keep Your Home And Workplace Warm

Many areas in homes and offices are considered "dead zones" for heat. You will need a space heater to heat that area during cold weather. They are safe and inexpensive ways to concentrate heat in a specific area when used as directed. 

Space heaters are lightweight, some as light as 2 lbs. They can be easily moved from one place to the next. For effective heat, you can also buy heaters via

Space heaters can use a variety of heat sources. Convection heaters (electric) provide warmth for small spaces. The heaters heat the air by using air convection currents. These currents are then circulated throughout your appliance.

Infrared heaters transmit thermal energy via electromagnetic waves. The same thing happens with space heaters: only the objects that are heated emit heat and not the entire area. These space heaters are efficient and can be used for multiple purposes. 

These are particularly useful in industrial warehouses and greenhouses where rapid temperature rises are often required.

Fan heaters are another type of convection heater that uses a fan to move air over the heating element, to increase the airflow. The surrounding area is rapidly warmed and the room is heated quickly. 

These heaters can heat rooms where other heaters would not be practical. These heaters can be noisy. They are used most frequently in blue-collar work areas, such as garages.

Home heating fires are caused by space heaters every year. When using an area heater, safety is paramount. You should never leave a space heater unattended or place it on furniture or other unstable floors.