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Steps to Hosting the Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting party hosting is a great choice for someone who wants to gather with friends but wants to try something different. Less intensive works than dinner parties, wine tasting parties are pleasant and educating for everyone.

You can consider the top wine tasting course if you want to become a wine tasting expert. Here are six tips to hold a perfect wine tasting party.

Step 1: Preparation

Tasting wine works best with small groups, usually eight to twelve people. The equipment you need is a bottle opener, one glass of wine per person, wine charm for every glass, paper, and pencil for everyone, a plastic cup for each guest, warm water, and/or bread to clean the ceiling between tastes.

Step 2: Wine Choice

Here your choice is wide open, depending on your personal taste. For the simple tasting, select 3 bottles of each white and red wine. Find a suitable theme for your group and wine samples based on the theme.

Step 3: Prepare to taste

Very pleasant has a table or counter to display wine for everyone to see it. A nice extra touch is having a note or card that tells a little about wine: The Vineyard, year, and maybe a description of wine labels or wine reviews.

Step 4: Explain the medical process to your guests

After your guests arrive, take a moment to explain which wine they will feel and why every wine is selected. If there is a theme for tasting, let everyone know. During the tasting, it was recommended everyone spewing the wine once they experienced a sense or some sampling everyone would be too drunk to distinguish wines. 

Step 5: How to Serve Wine

Open a little bottle before tasting to let the wine breathe. White must be cool, but not cold, and red served at room temperature. Pour a little wine into every glass. Remember, this is tasting, so everyone only needs a drop of wine, not a full glass.

Step 6: wine tasting like a pro

First, see the color. Hold a glass with a stem, turn the wine, and put your nose into a glass to kiss wine. Take a deep breath and really breathe in the aroma – what images appear in your mind? Explain the smell, also known as "nose" wine. There is no right or wrong answer, so don't worry about fixing it. Be creative.