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Still Thinking About How To Stop Thumb Sucking Habit?

How to Stop finger/thumb Sucking

If your kid is beyond the age of 6 months with his / her thumb-sucking habit, then it is a warning sign for you to take immediate steps to stop the practice. We have listed some of the techniques that have been proven to prevent babies sucking thumb:

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  • Start to prevent your child from an early stage.

  • Restrain your child's hand when they have the urge to suck your thumb.

  • Introduce your child to solid foods immediately after completion of six months.

  • Encourage your child to do some home exercise programs that assist in proper oral function.

  • Inform your children about the side effects of thumb-sucking.

  • Keep your child's hands busy by getting him involved in activities such as painting, pottery clay, and others.

  • Put a bandage or glove fingers at night while sleeping.

  • Use a pacifier if your child is an infant

  • Praising your child attempts to quit the habit.

Parents of children with thumb sucking habits should seek consultation. You can get help from some organizations like Stop Thumb Sucking from Hong Kong by visiting on their official site.

They provide the solution and products to stop the thumb sucking habit and you can get detailed information about oral health issues also that your children may face and ways to prevent it.