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Stop That Thumb Sucking Habit Of Your Child

Every baby is born with a natural sucking instinct. It is what makes the baby take its feeds. Thumb-sucking, on the other hand, develops more like a baby's comfort-seeking mechanism.

Most of the times it is quite a daunting task for parents to stop this habit in their children. But keep a few pointers in mind and your child will be weaned off the thumb in no time. You can also stop thumb sucking of your child by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

  • Don't be judgmental, or accusing when trying to stop the habit. Keep a smiling face, and remove the thumb or the finger from your child's mouth manually. The child may resist this. Do not scream, scold or yell. If your child puts the thumb back in their mouth, just calmly remove it again.
  • Encourage the child when he or she removes the thumb out on their own.
  • Most of the time, you will notice your child putting his or her fingers in their mouth when boredom strikes. Give them some activity to do with their hands. Chances are that they will immediately take their hands off their mouths when they find some interesting activity.
  • Sometimes children will revolt when their favorite pastime is being discouraged. The important thing to remember is that they do not judge them. The habit won't go away in the blink of an eye. It will take some time. Be patient. It shows your kid too, that you have faith in them. It goes a long way in building the child's confidence.

Don't worry if the habit continues until the age of four. No permanent harm will be done. Keep encouraging the child but be firm in expressing your opinion that thumb sucking is not desirable at all.