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The Best Pediatric Dentist in Tacoma

Taking care of children's teeth and mouth is not the same as caring for adult teeth. Despite the similarities, a child should not be mistaken for a young adult. Dentistry is specially designed for children from adolescence to adults and is referred to as pediatric dentistry.

What are the main differences between general and pediatric dentistry?

The difference is that children are still in early childhood or developing physical maturity while adults are fully developed, the same in the case of oral health. On average, a child's first tooth appears around eight months of age. When children are two and a half years old, they should be ready for their first dentist appointment. You can consult with the best children’s dentist in Tacoma via

General dentists must complete training as pediatric dentists. Therefore, instead of relying on your primary dentist for your child's oral health, you should consult a pediatric dental clinic. This doesn't mean that a general dentist can't support your child's dental condition, but a pediatric dentist can be more helpful with a global approach to medicine.

Some children are born with disabilities or develop them as they grow older. This can be physical or psychological. Treating this condition is part of pediatric dentistry which is referred to as special medical needs. This is a continuation of the growth and development that pediatric dentists have experienced during their training. Good pediatric dentists advise you to start brushing your teeth at a young age.