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The Different Types of Dog Chew Toys

 As any good pet owner will tell that a hard part of owning a dog is dealing with them while they chew on things. They may chew your furniture, slippers or even baseboards. If trying to train them is not going very well then you may just want to give in and let them chew on toys. Just remember that the reason that your dog chews is that they are worried or feel lonely for some reason.

It is a good idea that when you go to buy your dog's chew toy you take them with you. This way they can find a toy that will help relax them. There are several types of dog & puppy chew toys online that are designed for dogs in mind. Many of these toys are brightly coloured so the dog can find them since dogs only see in black and white. These toys may also make some sort of sound when squeezed.

If you've added a new puppy for your family, you might want to consider buying plush toys for your puppy to chew. The toys are designed to entertain the puppies while strong enough not to rip under moderate use. Another option for you to consider for your puppy is vinyl.

Just as the luxury fur,  these are designed to be soft on the puppy's new teeth that are just coming in. Vinyl chew toys come in a choice of designs; these usually include some sort of animal. If your dog is out of his puppy years, you may want to look into buying your dog a latex toy to take his chewing out on. These toys are slightly more durable than the plush types yet they still are soft on the younger dog's mouth.