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The different types of services offered by car towing companies in Calgary

You might be vaguely aware of the fact that the towing companies are offering services to all types of vehicles, and how much would you know here? They will offer your personal vehicle a haul when it is damaged or even out of gas, but what would you know about the other services offered by the car towing company in Calgary? What is the main thing that you should look for in the businesses responsible for hauling goods?

Today, we will be discussing the massive variety of the kinds of towing services that the company you choose will offer!

Emergency Towing

We will be starting out with the basics. You will have to tow if you have been in an accident and your car is damaged. Your vehicle may not be roadworthy even if it is not damaged seriously. Additionally, an accident is the most stressful of situations where you may not feel safer enough in terms of driving away from it. It is where the towing company should come in.

A professional service will be offering a massive range of assistance ranging from simple light-duty towing for the smaller cars to heavy-duty towing for the trucks and busses. Your local towing company has got your back in the time of emergencies.

Vehicle Recovery

It appears to be driving into the ditch or overturning completely, as your towing company will not be able to help you if you need a vehicle to be recovered from a significant accident. Your towing company may offer vehicle recovery services for the vehicles that have totaled or the vehicles that need more than just a typical tow. They will have specialized workers along with a tow truck for almost every situation if they are offering these types of services.

There are even a few companies specializing in recovering the commercial equipment and vehicles on top of recovering the personal cars for people. Ensure to ask your towing company about this if you or even your business may require this type of service.

Levels of Service

There are varying levels of specialization and experience that are required for varied kinds of towing. There are even other kinds of equipment that are required. The larger and more specialized tow trucks are required for more complex jobs. Using the wrong class of tow truck may lead to further issues that can be resolved.

A professional tower should be able to tow more than just personal cars. The towing service should have your back on the road quickly with the right type of equipment. It pays to ensure that they can help you with what you need before you decide on a towing company.

Light-Duty Towing

It is the kind of towing that most people are familiar with. The basic tow truck is used for hauling the passenger cars, motorcycles, and even the pickup trucks. There is specialization required even at this towing level. For instance, you would like to know about the towing service that can be handled in a proper way to make sure that it is not damaged further if you need a luxury vehicle to be transported. The low profile or the custom vehicles are also presenting a challenge since the towing service has to ensure that the underside of the car is not damaged in this process.

Medium-Duty Towing

This area of towing focuses on towing larger vehicles, including the service vans, larger pickup trucks, and box trucks. A few specific smaller commercial vehicles generally come under this category. Efficiently, the category is for the vehicles that are extremely large and heavy for the light-duty towing and not quite the heavy or the larger ones that warrant heavy-duty towing.

Since these vehicles are quite heavy compared to the other general personal vehicles, a stronger tow truck is required along with the right type of specialization and knowledge for operating one. It is a great idea in terms of ensuring what your towing company knows about the kind of class of truck required for the job.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing services are meant for the heaviest vehicles that the car towing Calgary can handle. It is the level that encompasses the tractor-trailers, larger commercial vehicles, the cement trucks, mobile homes as well as the garbage trucks. They need a lot of care along with precision to avoid further damage down the lane.

You will have to verify that your towing company is offering this level of towing and the manner in which they can handle it if your business is dealing with several large vehicles. You will not want to risk an unqualified driver who can damage your vehicle.