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The Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Chatbot is a chat bot application developed by Facebook which runs on Facebook's servers. The bot was initially used as a part of Facebook's advertising system where it displayed advertisements that customers were searching for through their search queries. The new Facebook Messenger Bot can be used as a standalone program or integrated with other applications. It helps in developing more user friendly bots. As such, the Facebook Messenger Bot has proved to be a valuable addition to the social networking giant's offerings.

The usage of AI will result in a remarkable 99% increase in response times across all bot platforms tested. Roughly 58 percent of all companies who use chat Bots are B2B related. Around 70 percent of companies who use chat Bots have between one to fifty employees. Facebook already boasts of a whole lot of chat bots deployed on their platform. There are numerous automated Facebook Messenger Bot plugins available in the market for integration with your Facebook profile. This makes it easier to create and manage your own bot.

Facebook Messenger Bot is easy to install and use. It requires a web connection and then installation of the Facebook Messenger Bot. There is an option in the settings to enable or disable the Facebook Messenger Bot. Once enabled, the bot starts off working and begins collecting information from Facebook and sending them to the person who has chosen to receive notifications through Facebook's official page. There is also an option for the Facebook Messenger Bot to send the messages directly to the employee's phone.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can be customized according to the type of business. There are various types of chat Bots that are available like group chat Bots, customer chat bots, and group text chat Bots. These chat Bots are mostly web-based. A group chat Bot works best for large business enterprise with over 500 employees.

Facebook Messenger Bot works well with Facebook applications. For instance, if you want to update your status, then you just need to click on "chat" and then select "posts". After that, you can type anything you want and Facebook will post the conversation for you and the other members to view. The big advantage with these Facebook Chatbot is that communication is instant. You don't have to wait for long periods of time for a long message to be posted or read just like the way it happens in real life.

This is perhaps the biggest achievement of the Facebook Messenger Bot. With this software, it allows the user to post image links to share to other people on the wall street journal wall. The image credit is usually given at the bottom of the chat box. The image credit can also be used by the person posting the link as a reference when they post something else on the wall street journal wall.

Facebook chat Bots enables businesses to improve their social media marketing campaigns. The Bots will also be able to do follow up with customer service representatives. Since these bots will be linked up to the Facebook account of each customer service representative, they can use the same software to send messages to each customer service representative. In other words, it will be easier for them to do follow ups, respond to messages left by customers, and even to find out what their Facebook friends have been up to.

The success of Facebook Messenger Bot is being witnessed by the different Facebook application developers. Many of them are making use of the Facebook Messenger Bot for their Facebook apps. In fact, more than 50 bot applications have already been released by different Facebook software companies. The Facebook Messenger Bot is still in development but is catching up with other applications. The company continues to work on making the Facebook Messenger Bot better so that it can be more helpful to users.