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Things Every Mum Needs To Tell Her Daughter About Sanitary Pads And Tampons

From the time your daughter starts having her period regularly, tampons or sanitary pads are a part of her life. You can also buy organic menstrual pads online.

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But before you head off to the supermarket or pharmacy to stock up on supplies for next month, here are some important things you need to know.

1. The toxins in sanitary products can make your period pain worse

When suffering from cramps during your period, your instinct is to look for ways to reduce the pain, like taking painkillers.

Organic sanitary pads are an alternative to regular tampons and pads.

Organic sanitary pads are made using special technology to keep the bad guys out, which means less cramping, bloating, and other negative effects during your period.

2. It is really bad to leave a tampon in overnight, and sanitary pads can leak

When you have your period, you want a discreet way to stay dry and avoid leakage for as long as possible, especially overnight.

The thought of waking up and your pad has leaked is pretty mortifying, especially if you're a young girl staying away from home. Some girls would rather take a chance and leave their tampons in for too long. 

Choose Organic Sanitary Pads for your body and the environment

Now that you know some of the negative effects of regular sanitary products, choose a product that is comfortable, easy to use, good for your body and for the environment;

As a healthy alternative to tampons, the pads include a strip of patented anion tape, which can get rid of female genital inflammation and reduce cramping from heavy periods.