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Three Reasons to Look Into Pool Enclosures

Pool covers can be pretty too. Pool enclosure designs can be clean and fresh and make any property look more attractive. Being in the pool in a screened room also changes swimming in general. 

Automatic patio enclosures make swimmers feel connected outdoors without being disturbed by insects and offer the ability to increase shade while retaining warmth. This experience not only delights residents but is also a great selling point when evaluating a home.

1. Property value increase

Open space is an easy addition to any home, and a screened pool fence gives the impression that the home has more space. Pool enclosures provide an additional area to enjoy and differentiate the property from other properties that only have a pool and no extra space. 

Given the cost of construction, maintenance, and repairs, this is one of the cheapest ways to improve your home.

2. Protection of pets, animals, and children

Covering the pool and keeping it out of the reach of children and wild animals can be a big responsibility. Even observant parents can forget the children playing outside, and it only takes a moment for an accident to occur. 

An enclosed space or pool enclosure can protect loved ones from injury or death. 

3. Lack of support

The filter housing can also keep the pool much cleaner. The screen lets in heat and wind but also protects against dirt and debris. Keeping leaves, twigs, and grass away from the pool reduces the time a homeowner spends keeping the pool clean.