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Tips For Newbie Android App Developers

The rise in demand for the Android platform has brought massive opportunities to app developers and serves a bigger audience than the iOS community. It has brought significant challenges in maintaining similar user experience and execution performances. Not only this, but it has also boosted the developer's interest in Android programming. 

Although learning Android app development is not a difficult job, it requires special care and attention. So here are some useful tips for app developers that may help to build a winning android app on the Android platform.

1. Choice of IDE

Android app development falls around Eclipse. An IDE consists of a source editor, build automation tools, and a debugger. So it is important to choose the integrated development environment intelligently.

2. Develop for the masses

Everybody looks to use the latest updated version. But unfortunately, Android smartphones on the market do not follow the pace of the official version releases. 

3. Use Android Code Templates

There are multiple code templates that can help the developer to create the Android application or any particular application components. These can be put into use when a developer creates a new Android module. 

4. Follow Android design Guidelines

A newbie app developer should try to follow the guidelines produced by Google. Do not bother or feel shy as you will be notified in social media channels like Facebook. Do not ignore using it. These guidelines can be your true friend as they will help the users to understand the working of the application intuitively. 

So, these are some useful tips from for newbie Android App developers. Many applications fail because the developers go too greedy. So, note these tips seriously and focus on how to produce a quality Android Application.