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Tips To Get the Most from Your Li-Ion Batteries

If you want to get the most out of your Li-Ion batteries of your phone, notebook or tablet, you can use the following tips. The tips can help you since some devices don't come with a replaceable battery. Read on to know more.

The "Recharge Cycle"

The battery cycle or recharge cycle of a Li-Ion battery is finite. In other words, once the battery has endured its maximum number of cycles, it will be useless and won't power your device anymore. You can also buy Samsung lithium ion battery online via Vape Batteries.

For instance, Apple iPhone battery loses 20% of its power once it has crossed 500 cycles. So what can you do to maximize battery life? All you have to do is avoid unnecessary charging and discharging of the battery. In fact, your battery has to do "training" regularly to save its life.

Partial discharge VS full discharge

According to some, a Li-Ion battery should not be completely discharged before recharging. It doesn't matter to other people. In fact, the Li-Ion battery has a discharge system regulated by a powerful integrated circuit.

Use the correct charger

You may be tempted to charge all devices with chargers, but this is not recommended. For long term use, we recommend that you use the correct charger. In fact, the correct charger is the one that came with the device you purchased.

This supplies the device with the right amount of electricity. The battery life is reached when you charge your device with third-party chargers.