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Vehicle Exhaust System Safety Tips

An exhaust system that functions properly is essential for keeping your vehicle's environment clean and reducing noise. It also helps to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. You can also find More helpful hints from various online sources that will help you to prevent problems from ever happening.

1. Annual inspection. If you have the right equipment (such as a lift and jacks), you can do a visual inspection by yourself. You should look out for corrosion, loose mountings, and leaking joints. 

Also, make sure to inspect various parts such as the catalytic converter. If you don't want to have your exhaust system inspected by a mechanic, there are many garages and other retail outlets that offer inspections for free. 

Tip: After you have driven over road debris or a pothole, make sure to inspect your exhaust system immediately. Don't wait to have your annual inspection done. Inspect it immediately.

2. Keep your cracked windows. Carbon monoxide can build up in your car's cabin without warning. It is hard to see and it can be difficult to detect. You can help poisons escape your car's interior by opening the window slightly. This is particularly important if you're stuck in traffic.

3. Station wagon safety tips. Make sure the windows and vents are fully open if you have a station wagon.

4. Open up the garage door. It is dangerous to let your car run in a garage. If you have an attached garage, fumes will quickly build up in the garage. 

They can spread to other parts of the house. Ventilate your garage door if you have to run your car into the garage. When your car is in your garage, keep the garage door closed.