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What Are The Different Types Of Service Used By Camera Sewer Inspectors?

There are many types of services used by camera sewer inspectors. If you ever find yourself in need of such a service, make sure to ask the company what they are specialized in so that you're not wasting your valuable time and money on any useless services. 

Camera sewer inspectors use a variety of services to inspect and monitor sewers. Some common services include: 

sewer line cleaning

  • CCTV inspection – This is a common service used by camera sewer inspectors to monitor sewers for any potential issues.

  • Lateral viewing – This service allows camera sewer inspectors to view sewers from different angles, which can help identify any potential problems.

  • Inspection reports – Camera sewer inspectors often produce inspection reports that detail the findings from their inspections. These reports can help municipalities make informed decisions about how to improve their sewers. 

  • Complaints and reports – Sewer inspectors will often receive complaints or reports from residents or property owners that may relate to a sewer problem.

  • Sewer repair – Sewer inspectors will often be called in to investigate sewer repairs, which could be for a variety of reasons such as: 

  • Pipe replacement – If the sewer is too old/damaged to use, then pipe replacement is sometimes necessary. 

  • Repairs needed – Sewer maintenance works are sometimes required because of pipes that are corroding, damaged, or leaking.

Repair works are required due to defects on the pipe network Sometimes pipes have defects on them such as corrosion or cracks which can lead to leaks and sewage spills if not repaired quickly enough.