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What Is Early Talent Benchmarking ?

If you have to hire new employees, what categories should they enter? The answer is clear. When hiring, however, it can be difficult to tell if a new employee is a good fit for the manager's job, culture, and style.

That’s where talent benchmarking comes in.  This process can significantly increase hiring efficiency by using the factors that make your successful performers as a recruiting plan. 

 early talent benchmarking

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Benchmarks go beyond the skills and experience needed to get the job done to determine the behaviors, values, and other factors needed to benefit from your current position.

The following are the basics you can use to determine the successful profile of a star employee for a specific position in your company:

o  Schedule comparative studies for all departments (excellent, medium, and poor performers). To hire the best, you need to know what to look for in your next employee.

o  List the criteria that determine what makes an employee excel, average, or poorly in his position.

o Make sure you involve the manager directly in this process so that the indicators take into account his leadership style.

Your company's talent benchmarks have applications and make better hiring decisions. After identifying key attributes as predictors of success, aptitude benchmarks can:

· Helps you better understand your job requirements.

· Improve the quality of interviews by highlighting areas requiring additional drilling.

· Identification of high performers.