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What Is The Role Of Health Care Practitioners In Various Medical Fields?

A health practitioner is one who has the authority or permission to give curative or preventive health services to individuals or communities organized and methodical in the fields of medicine, midwifery, pharmacy, nursing, pediatrics, clinical psychology, or other related sectors. You can get more information about general practitioners in Colyton online at

The quality of services provided by health care practitioners is strictly controlled by the state authorities on the basis of rules and regulations of the pre-fixed. Countries have the right to judge the actions of health care providers, and to seize their license in case they are found violating the rules. 

Let us look at the various types of healthcare providers available:

How Mid-Level Health Care Practitioners Can

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Primary Care Provider (PCP): The people you make your first visit to a health check-up generally defined as your primary care provider. You can decide the best PCP for you on the basis of your health problems and the health care plan you have. Let us discuss some possible options:

Mental Health Practitioner: A mental health practitioner refers to health protection providers who are known for offering preventive or curative services to treat mental conditions in the individual. mental health practitioners, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, etc.

Pharmacist: Have an undergraduate degree from a college pharmacy, pharmacists licensed to provide services in the field of health protection by preparing medications prescribed by primary or specialized care providers.