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Worldwide Brands: Does it Offer Value for Money?

It's an established directory of drop shippers and wholesalers, but Worldwide Brands comes with a very high price tag at $299.  Compared to alternatives such as Salehoo ($67 a year) and Doba ($59 per month), this initially appears to be very expensive.  But is that true in the long term – and is Worldwide Brands good or bad value for money?

What is WorldWide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of around 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers that have been verified and are guaranteed to be legitimate.  From these suppliers, there are over 16 million products listed in their database (at wholesale prices) as of December 2020.

Unlike competing supplier directories, Worldwide Brands is itself certified by eBay, and comes with extra tools to help you build an online retail business – including market research tools, forum memberhsip and tutorials about e-commerce.

Are there alternatives?

Yes – but only really Salehoo and Doba.  Although both of these alternatives start out cheaper than World Wide Brands, as they have monthly fees rather than a one off membership cost, they eventually add up to more.

However, the $299 price of WWB is a one off payment for membership for life and there are no extra costs.  Doba costs $59 a month and Salehoo costs $67 per year, so ultimatly they cost more than Worldwide Brands.

Is Worldwide Brands worth the membership fee?

If you are going to use it then yes, it probably is.  No other directory has as many products listed as Worldwide Brands does, and no other directory is offically certified by eBay.  Unlike Salehoo and Doba, Worldwide Brands was also founded (and is still owned) by Chris Malta, one of the first eBay power sellers.

Ultimatly, although Worldwide Brands costs more it offers better value for money in the long term.